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Glimpses of Sri Babuji: Satsang Extracts  

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Extract Download
Vijayadasami 2019: Invitation

Vijayadasami 2019: Samadhi Mandir :: Part 01

Vijayadasami 2019: Samadhi Mandir :: Part 02

Vijayadasami 2019: Dehaatheethudu Videhudainavela

Vijayadasami 2019: SadguruKrupa

Vijayadasami 2019: Satsanga Sumalu

Gurupoornima 2019: Invitation

Gurupoornima 2019: Bhagoji Shinday

Gurupoornima 2019: Baba Meeda Research

Gurupoornima 2019: Connectedness

Gurupoornima 2019: Experience and Expressing

Gurupoornima 2019: Nammakam Prema

Gurupoornima 2019: Premy Sadhanam

Gurupoornima 2019: Sadguru Sannidhi

Gurupoornima 2019: Satsanga Sumalu

Gurupoornima 2019: Guru Part 2

Gurupoornima 2019: May 2005

Aradhana 2018 : Invitation

Aradhana 2018 : Beloved Guruji

Aradhana 2018 : Here Means Everywhere

Aradhana 2018 : Abstract sense of fulfillment

Aradhana 2018 : Be a beggar infront of Baba

Aradhana 2018 : Baba is our magnet

Aradhana 2018 : Baba Smarana Udyoga Nirvahana

Aradhana 2018 : Evil Eye

Aradhana 2018 : How to tell you our problems

Aradhana 2018 : Naaku Telisina Saipatham

Aradhana 2018 : Pastimes

Aradhana 2018 : Premathathavam

Aradhana 2018 : Satsanga Sumalu

Vijayadasami 2018: Invitation

Vijayadasami 2018: Shirdi Enduku Vellali

Vijayadasami 2018: Baba Original Photos :: Part1

Vijayadasami 2018: Baba Original Photos Part2

Vijayadasami 2018: Anandha Swarupam

Gurupoornima 2018: Invitation

Gurupoornima 2018: Gurudeva

Gurupoornima 2018: Happygaa vundandi

Gurupoornima 2018: Leaving to Baba

Gurupoornima 2018: Money

Gurupoornima 2018: Saibaktulaku Vishnusahsranamam Avasarama

Gurupoornima 2018: Satsanga Sumalu:: Part 1

Gurupoornima 2018: Satsanga Sumalu:: Part 2

Gurupoornima 2018: Divine Grace

Gurupoornima 2018: Blessed

Gurupoornima 2018: Babaki Vadili Pettadam

Gurupoornima 2018: Baba Activity Antay

Gurupoornima 2018: Antharmukham

Gurupoornima 2018: Ahambhavam Amayakatvam

Aradhana 2017: Invitation

Aradhana 2017: Zero Gravity

Aradhana 2017: Long hand and Short hand

Aradhana 2017: Words of Sri Babuji

Aradhana 2017: Guru Sharanam

Aradhana 2017: Baba Sampradaayam

Aradhana 2017: Rose Petals 2012 :: Part 1

Aradhana 2017: Rose Petals 2012 :: Part 2

Aradhana 2017: Vinadam

Aradhana 2017: Adyatmikatha

Aradhana 2017: Naivedyam

Aradhana 2017: How to do Satsang?

Aradhana 2017: Baba Smaran

Aradhana 2017: Birthdays

Aradhana 2017: Annadanam

Vijayadasami 2017: Invitation

Vijayadasami 2017: Manam Endukosam

Vijayadasami 2017: Chavadi Part2

Vijayadasami 2017: Alavatlu Anugraham

Vijayadasami 2017: Sai Bhaktudiki Keedu Jaragadu

Guru Purnima 2017: Invitation

Guru Purnima 2017: Activity

Guru Purnima 2017: Baba activity is like a mirror

Guru Purnima 2017: Baba Meeda AADDHARA PADATAM

Guru Purnima 2017: Gurubandhu

Guru Purnima 2017: Gurupaduka

Guru Purnima 2017: How to Recognise

Guru Purnima 2017: Mrokkinanthanay

Guru Purnima 2017: 2013 Rose Petals Part 1

Guru Purnima 2017: 2013 Rose Petals Part 2


Poondi Swamy

New Year 2017: Invitation

Jai Gurudev

Aradhana Invitation 2016

Story of Sadhu 2016

Rose Petals 2014: Part 1

Rose Petals 2014: Part 2



Sri Babuji 2016

Sri Babuji Satsanga Sumalu

Baba's Grace

Babaku Daggaravadam Antay

Baba tho attachment


Calling Baba




Gajam Midhya



Jignasa Patham

My Samadhi will answer


Chavadi: Part 1

Vijayadasami 2016: Invitation


Baba paine drushti nilupu



Focus on Baba



Guru Purnima 2016: Invitation

Rose Petals 2015 : Part 1

Rose Petals 2015 : Part 2










New Year 2016: Invitation

Guru Alayam

Thandriki Tagga Biddalu

Babaku Daggra Kavalantay











Guruji's Baba

Baba Samaya Niyamalu - Part 1

Baba Samaya Niyamalu - Part 2

Baba Samaya Niyamalu - Part 3

Baba Samaya Niyamalu - Part 4

Baba Samaya Niyamalu - Part 5 & 6

Seemolanganam In this video Sri Babuji describes the meaning of seemollanganam or mahasamadhi in the life of great saints like Sai Baba. He states that great saints do not experience death, in reality they transition to an unlimited state. Sri Babuji also explains why Saints Samadhi Days are celebrated and not mourned. Sri Babuji speaks in Telugu for the first few minutes (2:20) and then he continues in English.

Aradhana Invitation - 2015

Guru Purnima Invitation

Ekaham (Telugu)

Essence of Sri Babuji

Experiencing Guruji

Gimpses of Guru Purnima



Words Presence

Sadguruvu (Telugu):This video presentation describes Sadguruvu with the telugu words display.

New Year Invitation (Telugu):New Year Invitation - 2015

Baba Activity (Telugu):Baba Activity

Darshan - Rose Petals (English): Guruji explains the significance of Darshan, the result is Seeing, being and becoming. Guruji explains to have Baba darshan every day by making our heart a suitable place for Baba to reside in it. Guruji insisted that Baba's form is so beautiful, renewing itself, so new at every moment that it is like the first time you are seeing him! That kshanakshane yannvatar, keeping the freshness, the newness, every moment, and then trying to experience that – that is real darshan.

Parayana (Telugu): Guruji's Satsang Extract in the context of Parayana. Guruji explains the right way of reading Sri Sai Baba's satcharitra for the introduction of Sai Baba, to know about Baba and to seek answers for the questions as you do research like M.Phil/Ph. D.

Lakshyashuddi (Telugu):Lakshyashuddi

Thitla bahumanala thiraskarana (Telugu):Thitla bahumanala thiraskarana

The Love (Telugu):The Love

Chemistry Of Love (English):Chemistry Of Love

Unending Love Story (English):Unending Love Story

Verses Of Love (English):Verses Of Love

His LOOK (English):His LOOK

Aradhana Invitation 2014 (Telugu):Aradhana Invitation 2014

Vijayadasami Invitation (Telugu):Vijayadasami Invitation 2014

Saibabuji Smruthulu Clips (Telugu):Saibabuji Smruthulu - Part 1 (High Res)

Saibabuji Smruthulu Clips (Telugu):Saibabuji Smruthulu - Part 2 (High Res)

Saibabuji Smruthulu Clips (Telugu):Saibabuji Smruthulu - Part 2 (Low Res)

I Do not See your efficiency (Telugu):I Do not See your efficiency

Vimarsha - Paraninda (Telugu):Vimarsha - Paraninda

Sai Voosu - Sai Dyasa (Telugu):Sai Voosu - Sai Dyasa

Gurupurnima Invitation (Telugu): Gurupurnima Invitation - 2014

In Search of happiness (English): In Search of happiness

Saipadaalu 4th song (Telugu): Saipadaalu 4th song

Saipadaalu 6th song (Telugu): Saipadaalu 6th song

Unique Mahima (English): Unique Mahima

Meditation (English): Meditation

Prayer (English): Prayer

Love and Devotion (English): Love and Devotion

Hajji Siddiq Falke (English): Hajji Siddiq Falke

Happy New Year (Telugu): Happy New Year

January 1st Invitation (Telugu): January 1st Invitation

Shri Gurudeva (English): Shri Gurudeva

Waiting Happily (English): Waiting Happily

Waiting For The Beloved (English): Waiting For The Beloved

Glimpses Tirupathi (Hindi): Glimpses - Tirupathi

Glimpses Palsood (Hindi): Glimpses - Palsood

Fragrance of his Presence : Fragrance of his Presence

Holy Places (English): Holy Places

Losing oneself (Telugu): Losing oneself

Anandajeevanam Saipatham (Telugu): Sri Babuji beautifully explains the path of Sai and the importance of being Happy in our life.

Samayam (Telugu): Sri Babuji asks us to question ourselves why we do not have time to sit and remember Baba while we have time for many other things in our lives.

Aradhana Invitation (Telugu): Aradhana Invitation - 2013

Vijayadasami 2013 (Telugu): This video takes us down memory lane showing how the Samadhi Mandir has been changing over the decades. It speaks of the beautiful 'Sai-incidence' of Pujya Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji's auspicious birthday being on the very day the wonderful life-size statue of Baba got installed in the Samadhi Mandir, on Oct 7, 1954.

My Samadhi will answer (English): Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji describes the various meanings of the word samadhi. He explains the significance of Baba's words, "My samadhi will answer!" assuring us of the Sadguru's influence in our lives even after he is no longer in his physical form.

Babuji's Baba (English): It is a great boon to see Baba and experience his motherly love through Sri Babuji's eyes and heart. Images combined with quotes of Pujya Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji show us his deep love of Sai and transmit the sense of security and happiness that one can experience through Baba. Saipatham follows the path filled with that unconditional love and grace showered by Baba.

Gurusthan Part 1 (Telugu): This video explains the importance of Shirdi's Gurusthan and the great significance Sri Sai Baba gave to his Guru's samadhi. There are several incidents and references Baba had made that vividly point out the unique importance of Gurusthan.

Gurusthan Part 2 (Telugu): This video is a great treasure shedding light on various facts and trivia about Sadguru Sai Baba's Gurusthan. Incidents that lead to the installation of the padukas and interesting details about the stanza praising the glory of Sri Sai Baba are elucidated, as well as the importance of the Siva Linga that Baba presented to Megha, and the significance of the dhuni in front of Gurusthan.

Edi Nijamaina Vijayadasami (Telugu): Pujya Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji enlightens us about the true meaning of Vijayadasami in the context of the path of Sai. He urges us to make our celebrations meaningful and relevant to our lives and our spiritual journey.

Living One Life (English): Sri Babuji questions the artificial division between spiritual and worldly life and encourages us to make our whole life part of sadhana.

Time: 9 Minutes 40 seconds, ~ 329 MB
The Sadguru (English): Sri Babuji defines what a Sadguru is and how he teaches and transforms us.

Time: 6 Minutes 20 seconds, ~ 101 MB
Bayaja Bai (Telugu): Bayaja Bai.

Time: 19 Minutes 35 seconds, ~ 486 MB
Guruji (looks) Darshan of Sri Babuji

Time: 8 Minutes 35 seconds, ~ 650 MB

Time: 4 Minutes 45 seconds, ~ 222 MB
Gamyam Cherustha ( I will take you to the end  ) (Telugu): Sri Babuji clarifies on how Baba takes us to the end. The ultimate happiness that you are experiencing is not based on your means; it is only by the grace of Baba.

Time: 3 Minutes 26 seconds, ~ 70 MB
Baba Sampradaayam ( Sai Baba's Tradition ) (Telugu): Sri Babuji asks us to hold onto Baba's feet with utmost devotion. Baba's tradition has to remain forever; it is His tradition that will remain forever. We have to be a part in that great tradition.

Time: 41 Seconds, ~ 9 MB
Create your environment ( Satsang that enhances our love towards Baba ) (Telugu): Sri Babuji discusses about how Satsang helps to constantly be in touch with Sai Baba and also how to create the environment to remember Sai continuously.

Time: 2 Minutes 9 seconds, ~ 52 MB
Sai Bhaktudu ante? ( Who is Sai Devotee  ) (Telugu): Sri Babuji describes how one can become a true Sai devotee by developing total dependency on Sai Baba.

Time: 57 Seconds, ~ 17 MB
Sai Sainikudu ( Soldier of Sai  ) (Telugu): Sri Babuji talks about how we can become brave soldiers in Sai's army with the weapons of Satsang, Parayana etc…

Time: 1 Minute 20 seconds, ~ 20 MB
Asooya Dweshaalu ( Eliminate Hatred and Jealousy  ) (Telugu): Sri Babuji says  that no treasure is more valuable than Sai Baba. Increase your love on Baba and then there won't be any trace of jealousy, envy etc..

Time: 1 Minute, ~ 20 MB
Prarabdham ( Destiny  ) (Telugu): For a devotee, there won't be any impact of the prarabdha after coming to the Sadguru's presence. Sri Babuji reaffirmed that one has to depend on a Sadguru and need not worry about any Prarabdha, horoscope etc..

Time: 2 Minutes 40 seconds, ~ 50 MB
Korikalu Theerchutalo ledu Nidaanamu( Experience his blessings at the right time  ) (Telugu): Sri Babuji beautifully narrates the art of Asking. ASK what you really need; experience Sai Baba's blessings and gain the ultimate happiness.

Time: 5 Minutes 29 seconds, ~ 162 MB
Spashtatha Aspashtatha( Experiencing the clarity ) (Telugu): Sadguru is like a familiar stranger and strangely familiar. Depicts the exploring the concretization of one's abstract sense of fulfillment in the presence of Sadguru.

Time: 7 Minutes 16 seconds, ~ 159 MB
Rinaanubandham ( Karmic relation  ) (Telugu): Sai Baba chooses his devotees unconditionally as an obligation based on the karmic bond that He had with the devotee since past births.

Time: 2 Minutes 27 seconds, ~ 64 MB
Babaku Dhaggaravadam ( Proximity with Sai Baba  ) (Telugu): Sri Babuji explains about how to get nearer to Baba through various activities like Satsangs, doing the deeds that Baba like, sitting in front of Baba and increase the Sense of security to enjoy life.

Time: 2 Minutes 1 second, ~ 49 MB
Baba Charyalu Agaadhaalu ( Baba's actions are inscrutable, unfathomable  ) (Telugu): We always have to explore what Baba did, but not why Baba did. Because nowhere Baba gave any explanation for His actions. Always be remember that whatever Baba does is good for our well-being. That is enough.

Time: 2 Minutes 22 seconds, ~ 47 MB
Naa bhaktunni patanam kaanivvanu ( Baba never allow his devotee to fall  ) (Telugu): Baba takes care of his devotees with the Karmic relation that He had been with them since many births. None of us will be dropped in the middle from Baba's fold. Baba draws his devotees through various means which will become as stepping stones for a Sai devotee to increase that Karmic relation with Baba more and more.

Time: 2 Minutes 36 seconds, ~ 53 MB
Aaradhana 2012 Welcome (Telugu):

Time: 4 Minutes, ~ 70 MB
Contemplation of Impermanence (English):

Time: 9 Minutes, ~ 449 MB
Dwarakamai: Part I (Telugu):

Time: 17 Minutes, ~ 282 MB
Dwarakamai: Part II (Telugu):

Time: 21 Minutes, ~ 344 MB
Focus On The Joy (English):

Time: 7 Minute, ~ 81 MB
Wherever You Are (English):

Time: 4 Minutes, ~ 475 MB
Satsangam Endadam (Telugu):

Time: 1 Minute, ~ 34 MB
GuruUchista (English): Every word of the Sadguru is his Uchista, savoring and following it, is taking it as prasad.

Time: 1 Minute, ~ 18 MB
Guru Paduka song video (Telugu): A melodious hymn praising the holy feet of the Guru.

Time: 06 Minutes 30 Seconds, ~ 36 MB
Baba Nishkaranamuga, Manalanundi Emi Asinchakunda Premistharu (Telugu): Sri Babuji explains the unconditional nature of Baba's love and his infinite protection.

Time: 10 Minutes, ~ 86 MB
Guru Purnima (Telugu): An inspiring extract from Sri Babuji's satsang during Guru Purnima celebrations 1992. Sri Babuji elaborates how our bond with Baba gets strengthened through reading of Sai leelas, doing manasa puja, and through making our whole life a part of sadhana.

Time: 20 Minutes, ~ 22 MB
Vastness of Guru (English): Sri Babuji transmits the meaning of the word "Guru", using the imagery of vastness in nature.

Time: 04 Minutes 07 seconds, ~ 36 MB
Mana Jeevithanni ardhavanthamga maluchukovadam ela? (Telugu): An enquiry into the meaning and purpose of our life.

Time: 05 Minutes, ~ 76 MB
How our attitude can affect the experience of happiness(English) (English): Sri Babuji reveals this relationship between our attitude and happiness with the example of Kaka Saheb's maid.

Time: 03 Minutes 30 seconds, ~ 103 MB
Various aspects of Niyam (English):A compilation of extracts from Sri Babuji's satsangs where he narrates vivid experiences from his own life to explain the value of niyam and the role of commitment to niyam.

Time: 12 Minutes, ~ 97 MB
Integrating Emotion (English): Sri Babuji exposes how connectedness to Baba acts like a fuse to experience the current of Baba's grace.

Time: 04 Minutes, ~ 203 MB
Baba Patla Manasu Active Ga Vundatame Nijamaina Activity (Telugu): A real Sai "activity" is one which keeps our mind and heart "active" on Baba.

Time: 03 Minutes 09 seconds, ~ 24 MB
Sai-Activity yokka nijamaina prayojanam, manalanu Baba ki daggara cheyadame. (Telugu):Sri Babuji clarifies how it is the relationship towards the Sai- activity that strengthens our connectedness to Baba, rather than the activity itself.

Time: 02 Minutes 29 seconds, ~ 41 MB
Activity & Ego (English): An exploration of Sai-activity as an expression of our love and a means to loosing our ego.

Time: 05 Minutes 01 seconds, ~ 6 MB
What is samadhi? (English): Sri Babuji explains several meanings of the word "samadhi".
What is Satsang? (English): Sri Babuji explains the meaning of "Satsang".
Magnet and Piece of Iron (English): Sri Babuji beautifully illustrates the process of transformation.
Mystery – Seeking (English): Sri Babuji sheds light upon the nature of seeking for fulfillment and the mysterious role of the Sadguru.
Stick to your experience (English): Sri Babuji talks about a core theme of his practical approach which is one of the unique aspect's of Baba's tradition.
Sri Babuji's assurance (Telugu): In the year he entered mahasamadhi, Sri Babuji lovingly assures the devotees that he will take care of us, and asks us to focus on Baba.
Calling Baba (Telugu): Sri Babuji encourages us to call Baba from the bottom of our heart.
Niyama (Telugu): Sri Babuji tells us the significance of adhering to a principle.
Saipatham (Telugu): Sri Babuji beautifully explains the path of Sai.
Udi (Telugu): Sri Babuji shares the significance of Baba's udi as a symbol of his grace.
Avyajmaina Prema (Unconditional Love) (Telugu): Sri Babuji beautifully explains about the love that does not depend on any motive and expectation, and the mysterious nature of familiar strangeness and strange familiarity with Baba.
Avagahana ( Understanding/Awareness ): Sri Babuji asks us to question ourselves why Baba is fulfilling our desires and what changes he is desiring from us in this process, this understanding enhances love towards Baba.